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When Milliardo confessed that Duo Maxwell was missing, the Sister flew into a panic. She had never lost a child before and the feeling was the most distressing. The first thing she did when she could think straight again was alert KidSafe, a child locating company founded by one of her friends, to the youngster’s disappearance. In the past she had received much criticism about her faith in what some considered a waste of good financial resources (and that was in addition to the comments that she was tagging her children like animals), so right now she was praying to her god that she hadn’t made a drastic mistake by becoming the company’s first client.  Continue Reading…

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In a small, sunlit room, leaning over an overloaded desk, Sister Helen glanced over her six-month report on one of the orphanage’s latest additions. Duo Maxwell’s stay was not meant to be permanent; the moment he was handed over to the Department of Social Services, the search for his parents began. Whatever reason there was for the abandonment, DSS was certain, with some help, Duo could be reunited. It was in the child’s best interest.  Continue Reading…

Links ~ Chapter 1

Okay, this here is my first Gundam Wing fanfic. It started as a “what-if-the-characters-were-based-on-real-people” fantasy that’s been rolling about my head, but James has become relentless in his efforts to get me to convert my fantasy into a story and write it down. Sheesh! You’d think he’d want me to finish “The Tale of Indigo” first!

This story is an ABH/AU and just for safety reasons I’d like it known that the characters will most likely be, well, out of character. Especially Relena, whom I will be possessing (we all knew she was possessed, but this time it may be a good thing), so I guess this story can also be considered a Mary Sue. Of course this is all theoretical, since the characters in this story are “supposed” to be the ones the series were based on. Oy! My head is spinning!

I would like to thank my four-year-old for helping with the chibi Duo-speak. And all he asked for in return was a s’more and sanctuary for “Big Foot” (his Sandrock) from his older brother.

Note: This story will not be finished. It has, instead, been incorporated into another story. That story will be posted as soon as it is completed.  Continue Reading…