The Tale of Indigo ~ Chapter 10


James awoke to the sound of splashing in the nearby stream. Peeking through the leaves he swore he saw Indigo. He swore he saw Indigo in the buff. James decided he needed a better look, just to make sure it was her. He slid up the tree limb some and found a clear view. From his new vantage point he could see her bathing in the stream. She was soaping herself up and then rinsing her body with the cool water. Oh Goddess! What that cold water was doing to her body! Oh Goddess, what it was doing to his body! James kept telling himself this all had to be a dream.


‘No it isn’t. Dreams don’t hurt.’ James spit out loose bark and brushed the dirt from his face. He had scooted out too far and the limb snapped, landing him on the ground below. He forced himself up, not surprised that there were no broken bones. There never were. He did have some cuts and soon-to-be-bruises, but decided they weren’t bad enough to distract his attention from the vision in the stream.  Continue Reading…

The Tale of Indigo ~ Chapter 9

In a nearby town stood and all-night bar. Beneath it’s sign stood Jessie. “What kind of name is ‘The Pub and Arrow’?” she asked. She found out soon after entering the establishment, when a dart flew by her face. In her normal everyday mood the individual who threw the dart might’ve ended up sporting a new form of nasal jewelry, but she wasn’t in her normal everyday mood. She was in her ‘life sucks and everyone can just drop dead’ mood, which meant all she wanted to do was get drunk.  Continue Reading…

The Tale of Indigo ~ Chapter 7


Indigo laughed hard at the sight. She and James had been studying in her room for an upcoming test on disguise, and James was now standing at the foot of her bed, modeling one of the female Team Rocket uniforms.

“A good disguise is one that no one would expect you to wear,” quoted James as he pointed to the sentence in his textbook.

“Oh! So, you’re suppose to be a pretty boy in drag?” giggled Indigo. “Not much of a disguise, if you ask me.”

James harumphed, arms crossed over Kleenex brand breasts. “I’m suppose to be a woman!” This caused Indigo to burst out laughing again. James jumped onto the bed and straddled her. “And what would you do if I really was a woman?” he playfully asked, gently pushing Indigo down onto her pillows, planting kisses about her face before finally resting his lips on hers.

“I’d be questioning my sexuality about now,” she answered, between kisses, “but I must admit I’m very, very thankful that you are definitely of the male persuasion.”

“Me, too.”

“Indigo?”  Continue Reading…