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I wanna thank D and Co. for getting the Bishi Harem riled up with the “Shooters” fanart/fiction idea. That’s what started this nonsense. There’s nothing like having 18 muses throwing in their two cents, all at the same time!

Luckily Quatre came through with an idea to do a humorous spin on “A Bunny’s Tale”, a made for TV movie based on a piece Gloria Steinham wrote about being a Bunny at the Playboy Club in New York. Unfortunately, while the idea was terrific, I estimated it to end up being far too long to be included in the Shooters archives (that Quatre was talking chapters was a big tip-off). But I didn’t want to give up on it, so we changed the name of the club, and made a few adjustments to the uniform (I wanted them to go naked, but the boys suddenly developed a sense of modesty. *rolls eyes*). If anyone wishes to volunteer their artistic talents to illustrate this story, you are more than welcome. The site could use some new visuals.  Continue Reading…

I am afraid of life. To live it.
I failed miserably at first.
But I need to to live. To be free of him and his needs and expectations.
I need to stand on my own two feet.
Or remain afraid of what he may bring in the future.
For the rest of my life.

Donkey on the Loose ~ Chapter 4


With great relief on Quatre’s behalf, it is decided that little Yugi should be taken home. He’s snuck in, tucked in, and a skin flick popped into the machine, before the remainder of the gang slip back out, just barely avoiding a groggy and grumpy Grandpa Mutou.

They hop into the car and cut through Medford to catch Route 93 into Boston. A couple of detours and some backtracking later, Quatre manages to maneuver the Pacer over to South Station, and onto its final destination over the bridge and around the corner.  Continue Reading…

Donkey on the Loose ~ Chapter 2


Back at the “studio” the boys are cleaning up. Well, the boys and one girl.

“That party sounds like it’s going to kick ass!” hollers Hilde.

“Well ya know what they say about librarians…”

“No, Maxwell,” says WuFei, “what do they say about librarians?”

Duo rolls his eyes at his Chinese friend, who is actually expecting an answer to his question.


A snicker comes from the direction of the camera where Hilde is. “He doesn’t know!” she laughs.

“You’re not supposed to know!” Duo snorts. “It’s one of those sayings that you’re supposed smile and nod your head in agreement to.”

“Sure Duo. Whatever you say.” WuFei shakes his head, amused that he was able to put the boy on the spot. The others laugh at Duo’s sudden inability to form a witty comeback.

“That’s it, I’m gone. I’m outta here! When you’re ready to go, I’ll be upstairs.”  Continue Reading…