The Tale of Indigo ~ Chapter 7


Indigo laughed hard at the sight. She and James had been studying in her room for an upcoming test on disguise, and James was now standing at the foot of her bed, modeling one of the female Team Rocket uniforms.

“A good disguise is one that no one would expect you to wear,” quoted James as he pointed to the sentence in his textbook.

“Oh! So, you’re suppose to be a pretty boy in drag?” giggled Indigo. “Not much of a disguise, if you ask me.”

James harumphed, arms crossed over Kleenex brand breasts. “I’m suppose to be a woman!” This caused Indigo to burst out laughing again. James jumped onto the bed and straddled her. “And what would you do if I really was a woman?” he playfully asked, gently pushing Indigo down onto her pillows, planting kisses about her face before finally resting his lips on hers.

“I’d be questioning my sexuality about now,” she answered, between kisses, “but I must admit I’m very, very thankful that you are definitely of the male persuasion.”

“Me, too.”


The two teens leapt into the air. Indigo landed on the edge of her bed, James, on the other side the room.

Mr. Oliver walked into the room as if it where his own. “Who’s your–oh, James! It’s just you! Nice look,” he said, once he got a better look at the “other” female.

“Haven’t you heard of knocking?” cried Indigo, whose heart was still pounding.

Mr. Oliver glanced at the door, “Oh, yeah, sorry about that.” He turned back to Indigo and stood silent for several moments.”

“Is there something she can help you with?” inquired James. He knew if he hadn’t said anything, Mr. Oliver would’ve stood there forever.

“I just came by to tell Indigo I found some of her T-shirts. They were in the laundry.”

“Really?” she asked, noticing there was nothing in his hands. “Uh, where are they?”

“Oh, I left them in my office. Why don’t you come down later on and get them?” he smiled.

“Fine, I’ll send James to pick them up after dinner.”

James grinned at Mr. Oliver, whose own grin quickly faded.

“All right,” he nodded without much enthusiasm. “I better get going. I’ll see you in class tomorrow, then, Indigo.”

“You’ll see both of us,” said James.

“I’ll see both of you, then,” Mr. Oliver sighed. He gave James a look of annoyance and headed out the door.

“Perv,” Indigo mumbled as she shut, and locked, the door. She saw that James seemed agitated about something. “What?”

“Oh James! It’s just you,” James mimicked Mr. Oliver. “This ‘mostly harmless’ shit bites.”

Indigo strolled over to her boyfriend. “What’s the matter? Don’t like being known as a gentleman?”

“What I don’t like is everyone thinking I’m gay,” he looked, knowingly, at her.

“Sorry… It’s just that I’ve never had any guy really like me and take care of me, the way you do. Sometimes I get scared. I don’t want to lose you.”

James wrapped his arms around her and gave her a hug. “I’m not planning on going anywhere. Besides, I always thought it was you who took care of me.” He felt Indigo let out a small giggle. Sensing that she felt better he asked, “How do you suggest we kill this rumor?”

“Maybe we should start by getting you out of this ensemble.”


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