The Tale of Indigo ~ Chapter 6


Back at the camp (and later that day), Indigo and her guests were enjoying their dinner. Thanks to Misty they had fresh fish to accompany their berries. Their pokemon joined them, all except Meowth, whom Indigo thought should be kept in his pokeball for the time being. 

“So… why… is… such a… beautiful woman… such as yourself,” Brock swallowed the food in his mouth, “doing alone in these woods?”

“It was a dare,” a quick thinking Indigo answered. “I’ve got a rare pokemon coming to me if I can handle a week by myself, here.”

Ash looked up from his meal. “A rare pokemon, huh? What kind?”

“I haven’t decided yet.” Indigo knew she could’ve provided a better answer, but was happy when the others didn’t question her response.

“I can’t believe how delicious this fish turned out,” mentioned Misty. “If I could cook as well as you, Indigo, I wouldn’t mind eating fish all the time!”

“Oh thanks! I had a wonderful teacher.” That she did. In the first six months she had been a trainee, she swore James had taught her everything he knew about cooking. Of course, how he came by this talent, and why he didn’t share it with anyone else, was a mystery to Indigo.

“So you’re going to be here all week?” Brock reiterated an earlier comment by Indigo.


“Are you sure you wouldn’t like me to stay and protect you from all the big, bad, pokemon?”

Indigo sighed. ‘This Brock is becoming just a tad annoying.’ “I’m supposed to be here alone, remember? I can’t have anyone with me except my pokemon, so unless you know of a way to get into a pokeball, then my answer would have to be ‘no’.”

Brock groaned in despair while Misty discreetly giggled at his determination.

“But then why are you letting us stay with you now?” asked Ash.

“Because you aren’t technically ‘with me’ right now. We’re just sharing space. But if you stayed and helped me out, then I couldn’t claim my prize with a clear conscience.”

“Oh.” The trio nodded.

The limo came screeching to a stop as the rear door flew open. A backpack was thrown out and was immediately followed by James. No sooner had his feet touched ground when he felt himself being yanked back. Before he knew it he was caught up in a tug of war, with his arm taking the place of the rope.

“Please don’t leave us alone with them!” begged Sephiroth, amidst the hysterical laughter of the young women.

A panicking James managed to get his arm free, leaving Sephy with just the sleeve of his Team Rocket jacket. As much as James wanted his jacket, he also feared for his life, not to mention his virginity, and these crazed females threatened both. He spun around and freed himself from his cloth restraint, grabbed his pack and sped off into the woods.

“Come back!” cried Jade. “We won’t hurt you! Maybe a little light bondage, but that’s all!”

Nighttime, and its accompanying darkness soon arrived. Misty suggested they head to bed early in order to get an equally early start in the morning. Indigo agreed. While she didn’t mind them staying the night, she also didn’t want to press her luck.

Stretched out atop her sleeping bag, Indigo failed to fall asleep. She was sharing the tent with Misty and couldn’t understand how she could fall asleep so easily despite the fact that it was still hot and muggy. She sat upright and fanned herself with her T-shirt, allowing some air to circulate around her body. She longed to sleep nude, but with her having guests she didn’t dare. She was even wearing shorts. She stood up and stepped outside the tent. There were the guys, also asleep. Indigo never considered herself privileged, but now she wondered how it was that she seemed to be the only one bothered by the current weather. No matter, now. Armed with her garter and other implements of self-defense, she took a stroll down to the stream.

“Find them!” Giovanni ordered the image of Jessie on the wall.

“Yes Sir!” The viewing screen went dark and Giovanni slammed his fist down on his desk, causing the persian to run for cover.

“Damn!” He couldn’t believe his plan was disintegrating before his eyes. All this time. All this effort. Didn’t Indigo realize he was serious? “I want James dead!” he yelled at his secretary, via the intercom.

“Um, Sir, which James?”

James was mesmerized by the moon. From his perch in a tree he gazed at it. He was still waiting for the moment when he’d wake up from this dream and find that Indigo was, in fact, dead. Three years it had been. Three years he had mourned for her. Three years since the James who loved Indigo, became the James who loved only himself. Now she was back. But would she be back in his life? He closed his eyes. That was too much to think about now.

It had been a long, tiring day. After he had escaped the wild women, we wandered about the woods. By evening he found a campsite. At first he thought it belonged to Team Twerp, until he caught a caught a glimpse of her. Indigo. He had finally found her. James wanted to run to her and tell her how worried he had been, and how he missed her and loved her and, and, and then his better judgment took over. He knew what would happen if he showed up with Ash and his friends there, and since Indigo had not yet had the pleasure of blasting off, he figured he’d keep his distance. So while the others were snug in their sleeping bags (or about as snug as you can get in the summer), James snuggled up to the tree. He said a prayer for Sephiroth, Wu Fei–all of them except for Tuxedo Mask or Kamen, or whatever the hell he called himself. Copycat. He hoped his roses all wilted. With a smile upon his face, James closed his eyes and went to sleep.


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