The Tale of Indigo ~ Chapter 4


“Meowth!” groaned Indigo, once her eyes could focus. She shoved the feline pokemon away.

“Hey!” Meowth cried when he found himself on the other side of the tent. “What now?”

Indigo sat up and brushed the loose pokemon hair from her face. “There is nothing more pleasant than waking up to a meowth’s butt in your face,” she sputtered, sarcastically.

“Sor-ry! I tried sleeping next to your feet, but ya kept kicking me!”

“Yeah, well, that’s one of them weird reflexes I developed in martial arts class. Just don’t touch my feet when I’m sleeping and you’ll be fine.” With a quick zip she slipped out of her sleeping bag and stood up.

Meowth covered his face with his paws. “Should I be seein’ dis?”

Indigo looked down at her sleeping attire: an over-sized Tee and her underwear. “What? You’ve seen me in less!”

“I tell ya I was sleepin’.” 

Breakfast was made, and soon Indigo and her pokemon were sitting down to pancakes and pokechow. Meowth poked a pancake with his fork and held it up so he could inspect it.

“Anything wrong?” Indigo inquired.

“Howdja make dem without eggs or milk?”

“Powdered milk and soy flour.”


“Well there’s plenty of pokechow,” she shook the box of pokemon food.

Meowth quickly took a bite. “Hmmm, not bad. I think I’m gonna like being your pokemon after all.”

“I should hope so, since you were the one who made the decision to be my pokemon.”

“Ya think ya can teach Jessie to cook like dis?”

“What’s the forecast for Hell?”

“Ya don’t like her much, do ya?”

“No, I don’t like her at all. She’s an arrogant bitch, and I don’t like the way she treats James.”

Meowth smiled. “Ya still gotta thing for the blue-haired freak, don’tcha?” he teased.

Indigo tried to hide her smile. Of course she still had a thing for James. She had a big thing for him. Who wouldn’t?

She had grown tired of her father’s demands. So she left. She left with his anger at her failure to comply bellowing behind her. Indigo expected a lifting of the heaviness she felt amidst the walls of the Headquarters as she exited the building. Instead she found herself surrounded by Rocket recruits. I’m in hell, she thought, looking hard for an opening to escape.

“Excuse me.”

Startled, Indigo spun around to see a pair of green eyes. “Um, hi!” she squeaked.

“Hi,” the eyes said. “You haven’t seen a redheaded girl around here?”

“Aside from me, no.”

“Er, maybe red isn’t exactly the color I was looking for. It’s more like fuchsia, but fuschsiahead doesn’t really roll off your tongue, does it?”

Indigo giggled. “I guess not.”

“My name’s James,” the eyes held out a hand.

“Uh… Indigo.” As she shook his hand the rest of him came into focus. “Wow!” she whispered.


Oh shit he heard her! “Um, nothing. I didn’t say anything!” Good save.

James just smiled at her.

“So, um, this girl…”

“Is a friend,” he quickly interjected.

“Ah!” Indigo smiled back.

“…that I better go find, before she kills me.”

“Oh… okay.”

“But I’ll see you later.”


“I mean, we’ll see each other, you know, what with training and all.”


James quickly glanced around. “I better get going. It was nice meeting you.” He held out his hand again.

“It was nice meeting you, too.”


“Bye!” whispered Indigo, waving.

“So, Miss Indigo, it appears your father was able to talk some sense into you.”

“Uh-huh.” She watched James disappear into the crowd, oblivious to Mr. Oliver standing beside her.

“Great!” He wrote her name down on his clipboard. “From what your father says, you’ll be a viable asset to Team Rocket. See you inside.”

“Huh?!” Reality check: did she just recruit herself? “Mr. Oliver? Mr. Oliver!” Where the hell did he just go? “Mr. Oliver!!!!”

She still couldn’t believe she ended up in Team Rocket because of a guy. Of all the stereotypically female things to do! She would have pondered her stupidity longer, if it weren’t for Meowth distracting her.

“James and Indigo sittin’ in a tree!” he sang. “K-I-S-S-I-N-G! First comes love!”


“Den comes marriage!”


“Den comes James wit a…”

“Meowth! Return!” And so Meowth disappeared into the pokeball held in Indigo’s hand. “I have so got to train him,” she sighed. She tossed the pokeball into her pack and proceeded to clean up camp.

Down by the stream she sat, washing dishes. Watching the suds drift downstream, Indigo’s mind began to drift into it’s own stream of thought. Where were Jessie and James? Surely she and Meowth hadn’t let that much distance get between them. Were they going to make her find them? Or had they already alerted the Boss to her disappearance? They wouldn’t have said anything to Giovanni, would they? That meant admitting to losing her. That would be stupid. Indigo sighed again. She knew better. As the last of the suds disappeared, she knew what she had to do.


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