The Tale of Indigo ~ Chapter 8


She sat at the edge of the stream, disappointed that her feet didn’t quite reach the cool water. But the stream’s current was in turn causing a misty breeze to flow and Indigo figured that was better than nothing. She lay back on the grass and stared up at the full moon. 

Pikachu was being a very curious electric rodent this evening. He awoke as Indigo left for the stream and decided to follow her. He hid behind a bush while she relaxed by the stream, until he worked his courage up and crept out to where she was.

“Pika?” Pikachu tugged on Indigo’s shirt.

“Oh, hi little fella,” a slightly startled Indigo greeted, sitting upright. “What brings you out here?”

“Pika pi, pika pika, ka pi? (Just being a very curious electric rodent, you?)”

“Can’t sleep. I guess I’ve got too much on my mind.”

“Pi? (Care to talk about it? And while you’re at it why don’t you tell me why two of your pokeballs smell like Jessie of Team Rocket.)”

“I suppose I could. It’s not like anyone else can understand what I’m going through,” Indigo sighed. “I guess this whole thing began three years ago. I was sixteen at the time. My father is a member of Team Rocket. Actually he’s the member, being the Boss and all. Being his only kid he wanted me, of course, to carry on in his footsteps, so he asked me to join. I didn’t want to but he kept suggesting I spend some time with him at the Headquarters, anyways, to see if I might change my mind once I saw the place. I wasn’t about to, at least not until I met James.” Indigo closed her eyes and smiled at the thought of him.

“Pika? (This wouldn’t be the same James that works with Jessie?)”

“Yes, it would.”


“Dumbass? He isn’t a dumbass! He just acts that way so… Well I don’t know why he acts that way! He’s actually pretty smart.”

“Pikachu?! (James?!)

Indigo knew Pikachu didn’t believe her and she wasn’t about to waste the night arguing over James’ IQ. “So anyway,” she decided to continue, “I met James. I thought he was really cute. We ended up in some of the same classes together and we eventually began spending a lot of time together, alone. I don’t know why but I just didn’t want everyone knowing we were a couple. I really liked him… a lot, you know, and I guess I wanted to keep that private.”

“Pi pikachu. (I always thought he was gay.)”

Indigo couldn’t help but laugh. “I am so dead,” she muttered to herself before going on. “Well, James knew I didn’t want to be a part of Team Rocket, although he didn’t know I was there because of him. I told him it was a family obligation, which really wasn’t a lie. Anyhow, once I became a trainee I knew the only way out was to get booted out, so I tried my best to get into trouble. I even stole my dad’s helicopter. It wasn’t until he caught me and James in his office that got mad enough to throw me out of the organization.”

“Pika? (What where you two doing in his office to get him so angry?)

“Well, um, if Giovanni hadn’t walked in I guess we probably would’ve been losing our virginity–but don’t you repeat a word of that to Meowth!”

“Pi pi? Pika pika? (Meowth’s here? Where?)

“He’s in his pokeball.” She held up his ball to show Pikachu. “He needed a time out and when you guys showed up I decided to leave him there.”

“Pika, pi pi? (Oh. So what are you doing here? Waiting for a secret rendezvous with James?)”

“Sort of,” Indigo blushed. “Not too long after I took my leave of Team Rocket, Giovanni began to get obsessed with wanting me back. He even threatened to send assassins after me if I didn’t return. I guess he figured he could scare me into coming back. At first I thought he was joking about it all. I mean, I’m his daughter. But he wasn’t… I managed to stay well hidden from the assassins for a couple of years, until now, when I got cornered by a pair, near Pallet, a few days ago.” She took a deep breath. “I thought I was dead, right then and there, but they knocked me unconscious with some drug, instead. I woke up in his office. That’s when he threw an ultimatum at me…” She closed her eyes again and took another deep breath. “He told me if I didn’t come back, stay in Team Rocket, and behave myself he’d have James killed.”

“Chu! (That bastard!)

“Tell me about it. The decision to still want out of Team Rocket, despite my feelings for him was one of the toughest I had to make. I thought James knew that, too, when he suggested we sneak into Giovanni’s office. You know, we’d both get busted and thrown out together. But it didn’t work out that way… I guess I was wrong, maybe he felt Team Rocket was more important, not that I blame him, though… considering his life up until then. But, I do still care about him and I don’t want anything to happen to him. Especially because of me!” Indigo wiped at her wet face. She didn’t want to cry in front of Pikachu but the tears wouldn’t stay in her eyes anymore. “So that’s why I’m here,” she sniffed. “Meowth and I got separated from the others while training and we’re waiting here until Jessie and James come looking for us. Kinda like the lost kid in a mall.” She sighed. “I just hope my dad hasn’t already sent out that order.”

“Pika pi, (I understand.)” Pikachu sat silent for a moment then looked up at Indigo. “Pi, pika pika, pi? (You don’t by chance already have a pikachu, do you?)”

“Yes, I do,” answered Indigo, who was somewhat confused by the question. “I have a female pikachu. Why?”

Pikachu pricked up an ear and grinned, just before running off.

“Hey!” Indigo called as she got up and ran after him.


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