Donkey on the Loose ~ Chapter 4


With great relief on Quatre’s behalf, it is decided that little Yugi should be taken home. He’s snuck in, tucked in, and a skin flick popped into the machine, before the remainder of the gang slip back out, just barely avoiding a groggy and grumpy Grandpa Mutou.

They hop into the car and cut through Medford to catch Route 93 into Boston. A couple of detours and some backtracking later, Quatre manages to maneuver the Pacer over to South Station, and onto its final destination over the bridge and around the corner.  Continue Reading…

Donkey on the Loose ~ Chapter 2


Back at the “studio” the boys are cleaning up. Well, the boys and one girl.

“That party sounds like it’s going to kick ass!” hollers Hilde.

“Well ya know what they say about librarians…”

“No, Maxwell,” says WuFei, “what do they say about librarians?”

Duo rolls his eyes at his Chinese friend, who is actually expecting an answer to his question.


A snicker comes from the direction of the camera where Hilde is. “He doesn’t know!” she laughs.

“You’re not supposed to know!” Duo snorts. “It’s one of those sayings that you’re supposed smile and nod your head in agreement to.”

“Sure Duo. Whatever you say.” WuFei shakes his head, amused that he was able to put the boy on the spot. The others laugh at Duo’s sudden inability to form a witty comeback.

“That’s it, I’m gone. I’m outta here! When you’re ready to go, I’ll be upstairs.”  Continue Reading…

Donkey on the Loose ~ Chapter 1

Oh, this one so needs an explanation! It all started back when Jade mentioned she’d love to see a spin on Wayne’s World, featuring the G-boys. She was too busy to write it herself, so I began to think about it, but with Links I ended up putting it on the back burner.

Since that time the Bishi Harem has encouraged me to take several detours from Links in the form of “Rapunzel: A Gundam Wing Adaptation”, and “Fruitcake”. The latter the harem drove me bonkers over, but once I got started, they lost all interest. So, you figure I could go back to working on Links, right? Well before I could do that I got hit with a series of blows that left me feeling quite inadequate. When you’re a creative individual with a quickly waning supply of outlets, being essentially told that you suck as a writer does not leave one with a warm, fuzzy feeling! Needless to say I was so depressed that I locked up the Harem and put all my works on the shelf, not really sure if I was ever going to get back to them.

But, like it is with my two boys, punishing the Bishi Harem is often more punishment for me than it is for them, so I let the little bastards out. And that’s when I was ambushed! Apparently their time-out gave the bishounen the perfect opportunity to conspire against me (I knew I should’ve separated them). They figured out the whole Wayne’s World thing, covering every little detail from plot, to characters, to how to handle the change in narration… Folks, I’m just along for the ride on this one! They’re the ones with the creative licenses, taking turns behind the wheel.

“Donkey on the Loose!” is something my then eleven-year-old liked to blurt out while playing with his Gameboy. One day I decided to ask him what the phrase had to do with the game. His response? Absolutely nothing. It’s just something he likes to blurt out while playing with his Gameboy.

Anyhow, Duo thought it’d make a cool name for the local cable access show his “character” co-owns and stars in, kinda like “Your Mother’s on the Roof,” which was a local cable access rock talk show in my old neighborhood.

This is dedicated to Jade. I seriously hope that once the boys get through with it will still bear some resemblance to the movie. If not, flame them!  Continue Reading…