The Tale of Indigo ~ Chapter 10


James awoke to the sound of splashing in the nearby stream. Peeking through the leaves he swore he saw Indigo. He swore he saw Indigo in the buff. James decided he needed a better look, just to make sure it was her. He slid up the tree limb some and found a clear view. From his new vantage point he could see her bathing in the stream. She was soaping herself up and then rinsing her body with the cool water. Oh Goddess! What that cold water was doing to her body! Oh Goddess, what it was doing to his body! James kept telling himself this all had to be a dream.


‘No it isn’t. Dreams don’t hurt.’ James spit out loose bark and brushed the dirt from his face. He had scooted out too far and the limb snapped, landing him on the ground below. He forced himself up, not surprised that there were no broken bones. There never were. He did have some cuts and soon-to-be-bruises, but decided they weren’t bad enough to distract his attention from the vision in the stream. 

The vision known as Indigo didn’t hear the branch snap for the stream drowned it out, so instead of rushing to James’ aid, she relaxed into the stream. The cool water was refreshing as is flowed over her skin, taking with it the stickiness of the previous night, as well as that morning. It was still early in the day yet the heat was already becoming oppressive, so Indigo didn’t care if she looked like a pale prune, she was staying right where she was.

Her guests had long since departed without any problems. They ate breakfast, packed their belongings and left, with Pikachu waving goodbye. She was glad to have had him to talk to, to tell him of her plight, though she knew the chances were great that he’d repeat it to Ash. She figured that even if Ash manage to translate everything Pikachu said, there was little he could do that she had to worry about. He wouldn’t dare go near Team Rocket Headquarters, and Indigo almost welcomed the thought of being arrested.

Back in the bushes, James had found himself another viewing spot; this one on the ground. He made himself comfortable behind a bush. Even though Indigo was well within his good sight, James pulled a pair of Team Rocket issue (read super duper powerful) binoculars out of his pack, just in case.

Meowth was enjoying a good stretch of the legs, now that he was free from his pokeball. He was in search of a good tree to scratch, but wasn’t having much luck; the bark of all the previous trees he had tried would just come off in his paws. He had to find something soon, for his paws ached, and was about to give up and head back to camp when he saw it… the perfect scratch.

“Meowth!” cried James, who was trying not to cry out too loud, for obvious reasons. He removed the pokemon’s claws from his right buttock. The fact that he knew it was Meowth was a clear indication that this had happened on at least one prior occasion.

“Sorry!” apologized Meowth. “Blame it on da Boss. If he had given me one of dem cardboard scratchers instead of a carpet post, I wouldn’t be so easily confused.”

James glared at the cat. He swore he heard a snicker. Normally he would’ve stomped the crap out of him, but he had other things on his mind, and they were currently collectively sunbathing on a rock along side the stream.

“Whatcha lookin’ at Jimmy?” queried the feline pokemon. “Ya find some rare pokemon?”

“Um… rare? Yeah, sure…” James truly wished Meowth would shut up and leave him to his exploring.

“Is it a Charizard? A Chansey? A legendary bird? Let me see!”

It was then that James discovered that he should have actually paid attention to what he was saying to the cat, as Meowth shoved him aside and poked his head through the bushes.

“Hey! Dat’s not a pokemon!”

“Sure it is! It’s a… a…” He desperately hoped that, if he could not convince the pokemon he wasn’t seeing what he was, James could at least feign stupidity. “It’s an extremely rare Mrs. Mime.”

Meowth stared at the male Rocket in disbelief. “You oughta be ashamed of yourself.” He sat back, crossing his arms. “Dere’s no way you’re gonna get me to believe either dat is a rare pokemon, or dat you believe dat is a rare pokemon.”

James smiled, conjuring up his best look of innocence.

“Save it for your ex. You’re gonna need all da help ya can get once I tell her dat you’ve been peepin’ on her.”

Of the two things Meowth said, his reference of Indigo as his “ex” bothered James the most. Sure, it had been three years and yes, he did act like an ass when she returned, and she was pissed as hell, but there was still that glimmer…

They say around the way you’ve asked for me,
There’s even talk about you wanting me,
I must admit that’s what I want to hear,
But that’s just talk until you take me there.
If it’s true don’t leave me all alone out here,
Wondering if you’re ever gonna take me there,
Tell me what you’re feeling ’cause I need to know,
Girl you gotta let know which way to go.
“Cause I need to know,
I need to know,
Tell me baby girl ’cause I need to know.
I need to know,
I need to know,
Tell me baby girl ’cause I need to know.

A gun fired.

Indigo jolted upright at the sound of the shot. Terrified that her father’s lackeys had once again found her, she sped back to her campsite, heart and mind both racing.

“Wow! Dat Marc Anthony sure can run fast!” Meowth declared.

James sighed, putting his gun away. Viewing time was now over. Damn him and his inability to think under ‘stressful’ conditions. In his hormonally saturated brain it never occurred to him that Indigo might high-tail it out of there.

“What are ya gonna do now?”

“Let’s see… Indigo is probably back at the site, probably terrified…”

“…and you probably figured she’d probably need some comfortin’?”

An impish grin grew upon James’ face.

Meowth groaned. “I don’t know whedda to think dat’s pathetically sad or pure genius.”

“Why don’t we give genius the benefit of the doubt this time,” answered James, who was amused by how quickly he had managed to turn things back in his favor. He stood up and brushed away what he could of what was left of the debris that had attached itself to his uniform. It was obvious he would need to change, but that would wait until after he ‘rescued’ the fair maiden. He decided it would look more convincing if he showed up slightly raggled. “Come on,” he waved to Meowth, as he grabbed his pack. “Let’s go.” James jogged off.

Meowth hopped up and followed. “Mrs. Mime,” he snickered.


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