The Tale of Indigo ~ Chapter 12


The morning was late, the sun was beating down making the heat hard to bear, even under the shade of the trees. As much as James wanted to make things with Indigo “present tense”, and as much Indigo wanted him to make them so, they both agreed the weather was too damn hot. If they had a radio, the weatherman most certainly would have said something about avoiding strenuous activity, so our unofficial lovers retreated instead to the tent to take a nap.

Inside, Indigo stretched out upon her sleeping bag and thanked fate for giving them a light colored tent. While it was stuffy inside, the outside reflected the sun making it cooler. James brought in his backpack and proceeded to make himself more comfortable. She watched contentedly as he pulled his shirt off over his head. ‘Damn!’ she thought, once it was removed. ‘Either he’s finally mastered the art of disguise, or his victims are total imbeciles.’ She managed to wipe away the drool just as James glanced her way. He grinned and went back to what he was doing: kicking off his boots then removing his pants.

“Nice boxers,” complimented Indigo with a giggle.

“Thanks. Would you believe I was able to get a couple dozen of these on clearance?”

“Well I suppose not every man has what it takes to pull off silk boxers featuring the Powerpuff Girls.”

James gave her a hard look. “You’re mocking me, aren’t you?”

“Not at all!” She tried to stifle her laughter.

“Well in that case I’ll just hold onto your present.”

“A present?” Indigo was curious. “Now why on earth would you get me a present? Especially since this is the first time we’ve been able to play nice together since I got back.”

James pulled a small box out of his pack. “Just call me optimistic.” He pushed the button and the box transformed into a small, solar powered air-conditioner unit.

Indigo’s eyes lit up. “Where the hell did you get that?”

“Team Rocket Labs. I nabbed it just before we left. I figured it would come in handy during our adventure since I know how much the heat bothers you.”

“Stealing from the hand that feeds you. I’m impressed.” She smiled. Meowth was right. He did seem bolder when she was around. And James was correct about the heat. Her skin was sensitive and if she wasn’t careful she’d start to prickle and then break out in a rash. It was the thought of that happening that had made her reluctant to put on something more appropriate, but with James’ gift she might consider doing so. Maybe. Then again, she smiled smugly, she might be appropriately dressed after all.

In no time the air-conditioner was up and running and the air in the tent cooling. James laid out his sleeping bag next to Indigo and laid himself down. He rested his head in his hand; his free hand reaching over to stroke her face; his thumb gently tracing the shape of her lips. “Where do we go from here?” he whispered.

“Do you have any condoms?”

Her response caught him off guard. Not because the question was blunt, nor was it because he had been inquiring about tomorrow’s destination. And it definitely wasn’t because he didn’t have any condoms. Hell, he had at least one for each pocket and a few he could pull out of thin air! It was the fact that she was asking the question. This was The Sign <insert heavenly aural sound effect here>. “Yeah, I, I, um, I have some,” he stammered, giddy over the thought. “I’ll go get them.” Before Indigo could say anything he quickly scooped up a handful of condoms out of the front pocket of his pack, scooted back over to her and placed them before her as though they were an offering.

“Mint flavored,” she read from a package she picked up. “Mmmmm, yummy.”

“I picked them up at Jessie’s last party.” James caught her hint of sarcasm, snatched the pack from her and tossed it aside. “Not all of them are like that. There are some regular ones, too.” He held up several as proof.

“Condoms at Jessie’s party, do I even want to know?”

“It was a keg party and one of the highlights was a Barney piñata filled with condoms and candy. By the time we got through with it all that was left was purple paper mache pulp and the candy.”

“Aw, how could you do that to Barney? He loves you,” Indigo couldn’t keep herself from laughing, and it seemed neither could James.

“Of course that wasn’t near as funny as Butch’s trick with the lighter.”

“If that trick is why he’s in the infirmary, I think I have a pretty good idea of what he did.”

“Oh, it was beautiful!” he beamed.

“Exactly how drunk were you?” Indigo queried, willing to bet money that the answer would contain the word “stinking”. The thought kept her laughing hard — to the point where she found herself laughing so hard she was now coughing.

James didn’t hear her. He, too, had been laughing heartily, until Indigo rolled onto her back. It was then that several reddish curls peeked out from the newfound gap in the towel she wore, catching his eye as well as his undivided attention.

Indigo was all too aware of James’ gaze; She could feel it. And although the view hadn’t been intentional, she wasn’t about to play bashful. So she ever so slowly stretched her body then rolled onto her other side. Oh, she was going to play, she just wasn’t going to play bashful.

James pouted at the loss and retaliated by throwing a condom at her.

“Ouch!” she giggled.

“Bitch,” he muttered playfully. He leaned over to see her smiling. His own grin turned devilish. In less than five seconds Indigo had been flipped on her stomach and James was standing, his prize in his hand.

“Give me back my towel!”

James dodged her attack. Although he was holding his own, he was finding it increasingly difficult to keep the terrycloth item just out of her grasp. She was, after all, a very beautiful and very naked young woman, and he… well he was a very healthy young man. After several close calls, including almost falling over the air-conditioner, James decided to call a truce, offering Indigo her towel in exchange for a kiss.

“You mean, if I give you one little kiss, I can have my towel back?”

“Yes ma’am.” His eyes sparkled of innocence, but she knew, oh she knew. She decided to chance it anyway. They were now standing next to the air-conditioner and she could sense with a sharp tingle her nipples becoming hard, so she leaned herself against the mischievous boy for warmth, brushing her lips across his. She felt a sigh escape him, it’s heat flowed across her cheek. More pressure and fuller contact, and Indigo could feel the caress of his fingers as they made their way down her back, sending shivers up it. James still held fast to her towel, but his free hand was introducing itself to her bottom. She let out a sigh of her own as he cupped a cheek briefly before he reached around to grab an end of the towel. He stretched it across her lower back and used it to draw her even closer to him, making her aware of his desire. Indigo acknowledged with a slight thrust of her hips against his. She heard him mumble something about it being safer if they sat down, so the two re-adjourned to their sleeping bags.

The nylon of her sleeping bag was a cool shock against her bare bottom, but Indigo was soon again joined with James’ body heat as he sat down beside her, pulling her into his lap and wrapping his arms around her waist. ‘This is much nicer than that old towel,’ she sighed, nuzzling into him. James reached up and toyed with several of the curls that framed her face before leaning in and kissing her gently. The tip of his tongue darted about her lips, tasting, when her own came out to play. Indigo draped her arms around his neck. She enjoyed the feel of his tongue dancing with hers, his silken hair caressing her arms, a hand slipping down from her hair to stroke her side, resting along the underside of her breast.

Breaking free from their liplock o’ passion, James turned his attention to her ear. He nibbled and sucked on her lobe, tongue encircling one of the pokeball-shaped studs she wore before moving up to the ever-so-tiny hoop which he took in his teeth and carefully tugged upon. He was glad that, unlike a lot of the girls of Team Rocket, Indigo hadn’t succumb to the fad of having ears full of hardware. Three earrings, and occasionally an earcuff, were all she ever wore and he liked her just fine that way. He thought it more sensual.

Indigo was in heaven with the attention her ear was receiving. She had forgotten how wonderful it felt; James was, in her opinion, the Master of Ears. The sensations, both physical and auditory, were intense, blurring her thinking. She was thankful she had already gotten the all important question out of the way, for even now she quite aware that if they were sans protection, she’d let him be with her anyway. The pang of need she felt below confirmed this. All she could do was moan softly in appreciation.

Still working diligently on her ear, he began to investigate the breast his fingers had previously rested under. He was thrilled he could finally experience them, literally, in the flesh. In the past he had to be content with caressing their hard little nubbins through cotton, wanting so badly to tear away at the contraption that confined them. Now, his hand was filled with her flesh, thumb tracing the pinkish circle that targeted the nipple. He could feel her respond to his caresses and a sense of pride overwhelmed him. He was in charge. Their destiny, at least the next few hours of it, were in his hands.

Indigo inhaled sharply as James playfully tweaked the hardened bud. His mouth had finished with her ear and made its way down her neck, stopping to leave its mark at the nape. Indigo often pondered the history of hickeys. Though she was pretty certain that it was all started by some horny teenager whose buddies thought it was “cool”, sometimes she wondered if they might have begun as some ancient tribal marking, maybe as a way of showing the rest of the group that a mate had been chosen. A wave of warmth swept her body as the idea of James branding her, claiming her as his own, swam amidst the hormones in her head.

Meanwhile James was busy coping with his own thoughts and hormones. He was about to explore undiscovered country and, assuming fate had it in for him (as it usually did), he was hesitant to move on, figuring something had to happen that would prevent him from experiencing this treasure. His fingers gingerly touched the amber-colored curls. When the world did not come to an end he continued downward to where the curls began to dampen. He slipped a finger along the folds and was rewarded with a throaty whimper from Indigo. She opened up, offering herself to him, and James eagerly accepted the invitation by investigating her outer lips. He couldn’t believe how wet she was. And for him! A contented moan rumbled in his chest. As he searched for her pleasure button he slid two fingers inside her, finding them snugly surrounded by her inner walls. To him the sensation was almost like that of being wrapped in a flannel comforter; it was soft and warm. It was also extremely arousing and his hardness ached with the need to experience the same sensations his fingers now were.

Indigo finally managed to shake away some of the fog that clouded her thought. She realized she had not been, thus far, a very active participant in their lovemaking, so she decided to remedy that. Reluctantly she removed him from her, and then herself from his lap.

“What’s wrong?” James was confused. They were so close. Why was she pulling away from him now?

“Nothing,” she replied, trying to catch her breath, “I just thought you’d like to be more comfortable.” Kneeling beside him she pulled down the waistband to his underwear, exposing his straining member. She ran her finger along the underside, making him shudder. She then leaned forward and flicked the tip with her tongue. ‘It’s like sucking your thumb,’ she remembered a friend telling her once. Indigo took a deep breath.

James couldn’t believe she was doing what she was doing, and it felt so good, too! He leaned back, holding perfectly still. There was no need to risk losing such a wonderful feeling by moving, not that he really could since Indigo had a good grip on him. His eyes rolled back into his head, finally lost in the pleasure when his conscience called out: ‘What about Indigo?’

“Oh, shut up!” he selfishly groaned.

“Huh?” It was Indigo’s turn to be confused.

James snapped back to reality. “Nothing,” he sighed, almost disappointed with the mental interruption. “Come here.” Sitting upright he pulled her up to him, planting a heated kiss on her lips. Their tongues danced again momentarily before he broke away. Nodding towards the condoms still scattered on the ground beside them, he asked, “Are you sure?”

She glanced at the condoms then back at him, then leaned over and picked one up. After providing James much amusement with her failed attempts to open the package, he took it and tore it open with his teeth.

“I used to steal them from my father’s drawers and blow them up like balloons all the time,” he assured Indigo, who was glaring at him curiously.

“And yet you remained an only child. That’s sad.”

“Yeah, it is,” said James, now somewhat saddened himself. Staring hard at the piece of latex in his hand, he continued, “If I ever become cold and incapable of love, promise me you’ll kill me.”

Thinking he was joking Indigo began to laugh, but she was cut off in mid-chuckle by the seriousness in James’ face. “James?”

“Promise me.”

“You know, I don’t think that’s something you need to worry about. I mean—“

“Promise me!” he snapped, near tears.

Indigo was taken aback by his request. This was James, after all. ‘How could this gentle, caring creature ever become incapable of showing love and affection?’ she thought. But then she realized: James so hated what his parents had become that he didn’t wanted to take any chances. “I promise,” she whispered.

“Thank you,” he whispered back, relieved.

“Would you like me to help you with that?” Indigo offered, referring to the condom. James graciously handed it over to her and quickly removed his boxers so she could bestow it upon him. Her inexperience was evident: If the condom wasn’t inside-out, it was sliding off to one side when she tried to roll it down. Finally, with a bit of help from James, she successfully sheathed his penis in its entirety.

She lay back, pulling him over her, her body a-lit with a combination of nervousness and anticipation. She was already aware of the power of an orgasm, having experienced many at her own hands, but this was much different; this was The Ultimate. She felt James fumble about as he searched for her opening and braced herself for the inevitable pain she was supposed to endure upon first penetration. To her surprise she felt nothing. Nothing but the pleasure of being filled as James slid inside her, nearly effortlessly.

His head was reeling from the sensation. ‘This is definitely a whole lot nicer than scratching an itch,’ thought James, remembering the children’s book that he mysteriously received after he began asking his parents questions about the origins of babies. He was deep inside, relishing her heat. Slowly and gently, he would slip just a bit further in, pressing against the softness at the end of her fleshy tunnel. As he continued the gentle movement he figured now would be a good time to revisit her bosom; this time with his lips.

Elated bliss. That would be how Indigo would describe her current emotional state. There was the warm wetness of being enveloped within his mouth, followed by the coolness of the air as she was released, and then the teasing of the nipples with his tongue and his teeth. His soft proddings deep within were hitting just the right spot, thus bringing her nearer to completion. Her hands slid down his back, resting upon his ass, encouraging him. She was so close! So close! So…

James cried out with something unintelligible as he suddenly tensed. Indigo could feel his spasms inside her. When they ceased he became very quiet. Indigo watched him. ‘It can’t possibly be over. Not now, not yet.’ He pushed himself up and sat back, carefully removing the condom and disposing of it. ‘Damn!’ She curled herself up into a ball, not wanting the bitterness she was beginning to feel to surface. She knew it wasn’t his fault. James was, after all, a very healthy male. She shouldn’t have expected anything for herself. Her mother had told her many a time that sex wasn’t all it was cracked up to be. ‘Think of it as part of your womanly responsibilities,’ she was often told. ‘If you want to get anything out of life you must keep your man content.’ Indigo used to think that mentality was sick and twisted, but now she wasn’t so sure. She closed her eyes, trying to fight the urge to cry, when she felt a hand on her knee. Fingers tickled her kneecap before tiptoeing along her thigh. Indigo couldn’t help but squirm and giggle in response. Finally they rested upon her damp curls. She sighed deeply as she felt James’ lips following the same path.

While he was far from a Casanova, James had secretly read enough of Jessie’s Cosmopolitan magazines to have some inkling regarding the needs of the opposite sex, and he was quite sure that the needs of this particular opposite hadn’t been met. That bothered him. A lot. James loved Indigo, and though he was certain someone much older than he would tell him he was being foolish and what did he know about love when he was only 19, James’ feelings for her were strong. Stronger than anything else he had felt in his life. He wanted Indigo to understand this; to feel it. So even though he had no idea what he was getting himself into, he made himself as comfortable as he could… and dove in.

Indigo was shocked by new sensations created by her lover’s tongue as it darted about her most private areas. Whispering a quiet little thank you to her mother for being wrong, she wove her fingers into his lavender locks and once again offered herself.

James had never tasted anything like this before. He couldn’t describe it, but he liked it. His tongue invaded her, happily lapping up her juices before his fingers took its place. It then moved upward, finding her most sensitive spot. The gentle gyrations that began earlier now intensified with her need and he could hear her breathing deepen. With one final thrust she came. James could do nothing but hold on for dear life as her body shook in fulfillment, tiny whimpers the only audible sign of her climax. James thought it ironic that such a strong, vocal woman be so quiet amidst the throes of passion.

The last wave subsided. Indigo took in a deep, relaxing breath and smiled, relishing the attention James was still giving her. He seemed to be enjoying himself as he licked her clean, but eventually her body said enough was enough and she had to push him away.

“Are you through yet?” he asked, sitting back, trying to do his best Steve Martin A Wild and Crazy Guy impression.

Indigo couldn’t help but giggle, especially after seeing the silly smirk on his face. She could tell he was proud of his accomplishment, as he deserved to be. She doubted any other guy would be sweet enough to care about her sexual well being. “Thank you,” she whispered, to him this time.

“You are very welcome,” he replied. He stretched out alongside her, “but I was only doing what I thought was right.” James pulled her closer to him and wrapped his arms about her.

“Still, it was very nice,” she yawned, amazed by how tired she now was. She snuggled contentedly against his chest.

“Thanks.” He was pleased to know he made her feel good, but there was one more thing he felt had to be done. “Indigo?”


“I love you.”

“I love you, too, George.”

“You best be kidding.”

Indigo giggled.

James sighed and kissed her on the forehead. The couple closed their eyes and let the afterglow of their lovemaking lull them to sleep.

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