Links ~ Chapter 1

Okay, this here is my first Gundam Wing fanfic. It started as a “what-if-the-characters-were-based-on-real-people” fantasy that’s been rolling about my head, but James has become relentless in his efforts to get me to convert my fantasy into a story and write it down. Sheesh! You’d think he’d want me to finish “The Tale of Indigo” first!

This story is an ABH/AU and just for safety reasons I’d like it known that the characters will most likely be, well, out of character. Especially Relena, whom I will be possessing (we all knew she was possessed, but this time it may be a good thing), so I guess this story can also be considered a Mary Sue. Of course this is all theoretical, since the characters in this story are “supposed” to be the ones the series were based on. Oy! My head is spinning!

I would like to thank my four-year-old for helping with the chibi Duo-speak. And all he asked for in return was a s’more and sanctuary for “Big Foot” (his Sandrock) from his older brother.

Note: This story will not be finished. It has, instead, been incorporated into another story. That story will be posted as soon as it is completed. 


The five-year-old struggled to keep up. Mommy’s long legs moved quickly, in and out of stores. He had no idea what she was looking for, but everywhere he looked he found the most amazing sights. He had never been to a shopping mall before, they were barely able to afford shopping at Goodwill. Now he was surrounded by brand spanking new stuff. Stuff that sparkled and shone, flickered and blared. It overwhelmed his senses.

“Wook Mommy! I on TV!” he paused to wave at himself in the electronics shop.

“Yes, I see,” Mommy gave him a tug to get him moving again.

After walking around the entire mall, all three floors of it, Mommy finally sat her son down on a bench to rest. “I want you to be a good boy and stay right here,” she said to the child. “Mommy will be right back, with a surprise for you!”

A surprise?! He beamed. He never had one of those, but heard they were a good thing. He wanted to be a good boy, too, and not just for the surprise. It seemed we was getting into a lot of trouble lately, no matter how hard he tried to stay out of it. Especially when it came to Dave, Mommy’s boyfriend. How was he supposed to know Dave wasn’t hurting Mommy when he was doing… whatever it was he was doing to her when he wandered into the living room last night? All he knew was that Mommy sounded like she was in pain and it was his job to protect her. Of course, if he had been asleep like he was supposed to…

The boy nodded, acknowledging her wish. He would stay right here. Right here. Until Mommy returned.


She held fast to the hand as it led her through the crowd of afternoon shoppers. They would have to hurry; Daddy would have a hissy fit if he found out the nanny had taken his little princess out shopping with her. Alone. The princess didn’t seem to mind, though. She hated being cooped up in the mansion. Alone. Daddy was always busy.

After visiting a few stores, trying on a bunch of clothes and spending a lot of money, the girl and her nanny decided it was time to take a break and sat down on a bench. The nanny handed the little girl a package of cookies and was about to strike up a conversation about all the goodies they had just purchased, when an old friend popped up and struck up a conversation with the nanny. The little girl smiled as she turned her attention to her cookies. One bite into them she realized she was being watched.

“Hi!” she turned and smiled at the boy sitting at the other end of the bench.

“Hi,” he replied, to the cookies.

The princess could see where the boy’s eyes were focused. She wanted to keep the cookies to herself, but remembered her nanny (who was also her tutor) saying something about it being nicer to share. “Do you wan’ one?” she offered.

“Mommy say nottoo take t’ings from strangers.”

“Oh…” Daddy had told her the same thing. More times than she could remember. “My name is Rewena… Here.” Relena held out the cookie.

He refused. “You don’ know my name.”

Relena sighed, frustrated. She was trying to be nice, but the boy just didn’t seem to want a cookie. She took another bite.

The five-year-old watched as she munched away at the treat. He wasn’t trying to be difficult, really he wasn’t, but rules were rules. The girl was about to take a bite out of her last cookie when he thought of something.

“It Duo!” he blurted out. There. She now knew his name. They were no longer strangers.

“Duo,” Relena repeated, letting the name and the face sink in. “Can you have a cookie now?”

“Yeah!” Duo scooted over, reached for the cookie Relena reluctantly offered and thanked her.

“Where is your nanny?” Relena asked, now that she had nothing else to do.

“Whatsa nanny?”

“Her,” Relena pointed to her own nanny.

Thinking a nanny was the same thing as a mommy Duo answered, “She say she be righ’ back.” Then added, with a grin, “She gonna ge’ me a su’prise.”

“A su’prise?” marveled Relena. She wondered what the surprise could be, and if Duo would share it with her. Unfortunately her nanny chose that moment to wrap up her conversation with her old friend.

“Time to get home now, Miss Relena,” the nanny announced, tapping the girl on the shoulder.

Relena frowned. She wanted to see the surprise! “Bye,” she whispered to Duo.

“Why Relena, you didn’t introduce me to your friend.”

“Dis is Duo.”

“Hi,” Duo waved.

“Hello Duo. It’s nice to meet you.” She waved back.

“His mommy’s gettin’ him a su’prise.”

“Oh! That’s wonderful!” The nanny was a bit concerned that a mother would leave a child Duo’s age alone for any length of time. She certainly wouldn’t have. She would’ve loved to stay with the youngster until his mother returned, but the nanny had her own charge to take care of. Governor Darlian would not be a happy camper if he came home to find his daughter and her nanny missing. “Well we have to get going. Again, it was nice meeting you, Duo. Hope to see you again. Come along Relena.”

“Bubye!” waved Duo.

“Bye!” Relena waved back, as her nanny towed her off into the crowd. Before they left the mall, though, the nanny made sure to point Duo out to one of the security guards, asking them to keep an eye on the boy until his mother returned.

Duo was happy. He did have a good day. A visit to the mall, a new friend, and as soon as Mommy returned, a surprise. All he had to do was sit there and wait.

Swing his legs back and forth, impatiently, and wait.

Notice all the people now around him, pull legs up to his chest, and wait.

Notice that it’s getting darker, twirl a finger into a lock of hair, suck his thumb…

…and wait.


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