The Tale of Indigo ~ Chapter 7


Indigo laughed hard at the sight. She and James had been studying in her room for an upcoming test on disguise, and James was now standing at the foot of her bed, modeling one of the female Team Rocket uniforms.

“A good disguise is one that no one would expect you to wear,” quoted James as he pointed to the sentence in his textbook.

“Oh! So, you’re suppose to be a pretty boy in drag?” giggled Indigo. “Not much of a disguise, if you ask me.”

James harumphed, arms crossed over Kleenex brand breasts. “I’m suppose to be a woman!” This caused Indigo to burst out laughing again. James jumped onto the bed and straddled her. “And what would you do if I really was a woman?” he playfully asked, gently pushing Indigo down onto her pillows, planting kisses about her face before finally resting his lips on hers.

“I’d be questioning my sexuality about now,” she answered, between kisses, “but I must admit I’m very, very thankful that you are definitely of the male persuasion.”

“Me, too.”

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The Tale of Indigo ~ Chapter 5


“I can’t believe we’re lost again!

“Don’t look at me. Brock’s the one with the map.”

“Is it some secret guy thing, or does the testosterone interfere with your ability to ask for directions?”

“What’s test… testes…?” Ash stammered.

“Testosterone,” Brock corrected. “It’s a male hormone. It helps make us what we are.”

Misty was about to make a snide remark when she instead made a discovery: “Look! Someone set up camp in the clearing up ahead!”  Continue Reading…

The Tale of Indigo ~ Chapter 4


“Meowth!” groaned Indigo, once her eyes could focus. She shoved the feline pokemon away.

“Hey!” Meowth cried when he found himself on the other side of the tent. “What now?”

Indigo sat up and brushed the loose pokemon hair from her face. “There is nothing more pleasant than waking up to a meowth’s butt in your face,” she sputtered, sarcastically.

“Sor-ry! I tried sleeping next to your feet, but ya kept kicking me!”

“Yeah, well, that’s one of them weird reflexes I developed in martial arts class. Just don’t touch my feet when I’m sleeping and you’ll be fine.” With a quick zip she slipped out of her sleeping bag and stood up.

Meowth covered his face with his paws. “Should I be seein’ dis?”

Indigo looked down at her sleeping attire: an over-sized Tee and her underwear. “What? You’ve seen me in less!”

“I tell ya I was sleepin’.”  Continue Reading…

The Tale of Indigo ~ Chapter 3


The early morning sun peeked over the hills and found our favorite trio, and their charge once again outside the Team Rocket Headquarters entrance.

“Whose sadistic idea was it to get up at this hour?” mumbled Jessie, obviously not fully awake, yet.

“I believe it was you, Madam Sadist,” James looked up from his pack to see the raggled pseudo red-head.

“Yeah! You were da one who demanded we start out at da crack of dawn,” added Meowth, who, after his late-night prowling, was looking for a spot for a quick cat-nap.

“I did, didn’t I?” she yawned. “I just never realized before how early dawn is.”

James shook his head at his partner. He glanced over to where Indigo was standing off by herself. She was surrounded by various items, and as she placed each one into her back pack, she would check the item off her checklist. He noticed that Jessie, too, was staring in her direction, with a perverse smile upon her face. James knew right away that she had given Indigo the Checklist.  Continue Reading…